Poster Girls

Welcome to new followers particularly those from BA (Hons) Graphic and Media Design at the London College of Communication. This post features a film I made that hopefully contributes to redressing the balance given to acknowledging the contribution made by women designers. The film contains contributions from: Jacqueline Casey, Mary Vieira, Nelly Rudin, Tomoko Miho, Shizuko Yoshikawa, Ursula Hiestand, Rosmarie Tissi, Inge Druckrey, April Greiman and Barbara Baumann. If the number of men and women living is 50/50 then there needs to be a fairer split when it comes to naming those who have made significant contributions. Women designers have always existed – it’s just a case of consciously remembering to count the numbers whenever compilations are made. We keep Josef Müller-Brockmann but we add a Jacqueline Casey as an equivalent. There have been many well known partnerships including Otto and Marie Neurath; Josef and Anni Albers; and indeed the aforementioned Josef-Müller-Brockmann and his partner Shizuko Yoshikawa.  I would encourage anyone viewing this post to visit Women of Graphic Design and the Women’s Design and Research Unit. Most of all though – enjoy the film for the fantastic poster designs!