Details Part 3 (Optics)

Optical adjustments
Sometimes it is necessary to substitute mathematical precision for optical correctness. If one had a four line heading with lines one, two and four set as lowercase and line three as all capitals then the all caps line would appear closer to the line above and therefore it would need lowering to make it optically even. If one had a three line heading, the first line began with a capital T, the second line began with a capital L and the third with a capital M, then one would have to overhang the capital T in order to make it visually align with the other two letters at the beginning of the other two lines. In some software packages such as Adobe Illustrator it is possible to hang the punctuation so that lines containing quotes at the beginning of the line do not look indented. The first illustration shows the word type in the second line being moved to the left so that the downstroke aligns with the other downstrokes of the other lines. The horizontal stroke is allowed to hang out. The second illustration shows how the setting has been adjusted to align all the Ds of Details to allow the quotes and bracket to hang out.

optics [Converted]

optics 2 [Converted]