What is Visual Language and Grammar?

The term grammar refers to the system, structure and elements of a language or area of knowledge. A language is a method of human communication. We are aware of this through the spoken and written word. Visual communication is also reliant on a language. This is called visual language and the system, which governs it is known as visual grammar. In order to communicate using this language it is necessary to understand what its components are, what the relationship between the components are, and how they are used to create meaning and enable understanding. Acquiring knowledge of visual grammar will not only be fundamental to your practice of visual communication but will allow you to articulate through the spoken and written word the concepts behind your ideas. Many artists and designers have been fascinated by the fundamental components of visual language, amongst them: Hans Richter, Daniel Eatock, Saul Bass, Chuck Jones and Philippe Apeloig. This is from Claudio De Paula Graciolli Jnr who is on DVC2009.